JAN 24

Maybe it sounds a little strange - but for me a face and a street is a landscape as well .. I look at them with the same curiosity, I discover light and shadow in the same way as if I study the sea.


JAN 24: I started a new serial with portraits of women. This one is the first; it is called "The Decision". 

60x80, acrylic on canvas.

Serial "Portraits of
Women", Part 2

"Don't Mess With Me",

 60x60, acrylic on canvas.


The third portrait of my serial. 

70x70, acrylic on canvas.


A dog is a person. Who does not agree, does not know much about dachshounds. 

"Face to face", A4 size,

 acrylic and charcoal on canvas. 

Bevor dawn in the old town
Night at the Narodni Trg in the old town in Split.
 "Iron Gate", A4 size, acrylic on canvas.

Be aware of the light, the sun is fire in summer.
Little street in Varos, old town in Split. 
"Light vs shadow", A4 size, acrylic on canvas. SOLD

Night Games
Boule players in Split. 
"Night games", A4 size, acrylic on canvas.

Sunny women on the waves
Inspire by a scenery on the sea in Necujam, island Solta. "On the board", 100x120, acrylic on canvas.

Heat in town
A little house in the center of Split.
 "Yellow  house", A4 size, acrylic on canvas.

Before the Rendezvous
"Waiting", 80x60, acrylic on canvas.

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